Clement Avenue School

School Type: Regular Education
Grade Levels: 4 Year Old Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Bell Schedule: 07:35 AM - 02:35 PM
Milwaukee, WI, 53207


We provide a balance of teacher-directed and student-directed activities and have specialists in art, physical education, computer technology, library/media on staff as well as a full-time Playworks coach. Clement Avenue School is committed to providing quality multicultural learning opportunities for all pupils. The focus of our mission is to improve academic achievement. The Clement Avenue staff is committed to providing exceptional academic experiences in all subject areas with a particularly strong emphasis on growth and deep understanding for students in the areas of reading/language arts and mathematics. We seek out as many integrated arts partnerships and experiences as possible to enhance the regular curriculum. A fall musical, partnerships with Resi-Dance, Danceworks, the Milwaukee Admirals, the AWE art grant and the Milwaukee Children¿s Choir are just some of the opportunities we offer students at Clement.
Principal: Suzanne M Gahan